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The option to own the equipment at the end of the agreement for $1

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Payments appear in the Lessee’s profit and loss and does not appear on the balance sheet.

Operating Lease

Payments appear in the Lessee’s profit and loss and debt does not appear on the balance sheet.


Fast Start - Finance For New Businesses

This unique product has been designed to remove barriers and allow a more flexible approach to funding equipment purchases. It is designed to appeal to new business ventures looking for medium term finance for equipment and provides very flexible approval criteria.

Matrix Finance

Matrix Equipment Finance is useful for customers requiring a simple finance process. Specific conditions apply for this type of credit and generally, the amount available to finance the purchase of the equipment is limited to $75,000 ex GST.


Managed Services

Based on a pay-per-use, be it per copy, per seat, per handset, per unit, per hour, this facility includes maintenance and service costs, allowing for ease and flexibility in growth and budgeting.

Chattel Mortgage

Full value of the Asset appears on the balance sheet, utilising depreciation, interest and GST, where the Lessor takes a security over the asset. End of term security released.


Debtor Finance

Debtor Finance (or as it is sometimes known Invoice Finance, Factoring) is a flexible working capital funding solution for businesses which releases cash tied up in outstanding customer invoices, bridging the Cashflow gap between raising an invoice and getting paid.

Commercial Loan

For short terms from 3 to 12 months, tailored finance designed for a just in time approach to meet your immediate requirements. This can include R&D, stock purchase, bridging finance and other Cashflow style requirements.