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After a couple of months of planning and building, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new website.

We wanted a new website so as to better communicate with our Partners and share with you the products and services we offer.

Our new Blog – TPC News, is our way of sharing what we learn in the market around finance along with some sales and business tips.

We hope you like the fresh new look to the website and the improved navigation that will allow you to find the information you need more quickly and easily.

We are continuing to update our website with useful information about our products and services, so please do check back with us for updates.

We value your opinion…

Please let us know what you think of our new website - all comments and feedback are most welcome. Please also let us know if you cannot find something or would like to make any suggestions for new information or topics that would be useful for you.

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Latest Posts

Never close hard again – A Simple Selling Formula – RAIDAR

This formula is certainly not new and I know many of you will have seen and heard of it before, however, if there is one thing I have learnt over the years it’s that a refresher never hurt anyone…it’s one of those ‘ah ha’ moments we have all had during a sales training workshop – something we knew but had not been using recently.

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12 Step Business Growth Plan

Running a small to medium business requires having the right knowledge and applying self discipline on a daily basis. For this reason I have prepared what I call the “12 Step Business Growth Plan.” The 12 step plan is the core of what we need to do to keep us focused on proven management practices. I recommend that you print them and post them in your work area to review daily while planning for the next day’s activities.

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20 ways to increase your cash flow and cut your costs

At the beginning of each financial year I find it’s a good idea to look at the business in a way that can assist us in our growth plans for the year ahead.

Here are some ideas that may be useful cost saving tips that any type of small business can use to help improve their cash flow. It’s might not be as hard as you think to shave 10-20% off your business costs.

1. First look at your monthly P&L to get a clear idea of where your money is being spent and how much your business needs to save.

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Trust, but verify.

  • We all need to trust someone
  • Is that why Trusts were invented for businesses?
  • Reasons Trusts are used
  • Who can be a Trustee
  • Who can be Beneficiaries?
  • How does this relate to finance?
  • What’s needed when doing finance with a Trust involved?
  • How can we trust others when it comes to doing business?
  • How can we trust TPC finance
  • Who is TPC
  • How do I as a vendor get involved with TPC
  • How can I as a client organise finance with TPC

“Trust is a business communication skill which, in combination with behaviour, either works to build trust or destroy it.” L. Finkle.

TPC Finance is excited to enter the social media space. This is an opportunity to communicate with existing and prospective clients and business equipment supplier on a range of topics relevant to finance. This post is in relation to Trusts; not just the trust desired in order to do business, but the legal entity that many small to medium enterprises (SME) have chosen to include in their business structure.
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