Trust, but verify.

  • We all need to trust someone
  • Is that why Trusts were invented for businesses?
  • Reasons Trusts are used
  • Who can be a Trustee
  • Who can be Beneficiaries?
  • How does this relate to finance?
  • What’s needed when doing finance with a Trust involved?
  • How can we trust others when it comes to doing business?
  • How can we trust TPC finance
  • Who is TPC
  • How do I as a vendor get involved with TPC
  • How can I as a client organise finance with TPC

“Trust is a business communication skill which, in combination with behaviour, either works to build trust or destroy it.” L. Finkle.

TPC Finance is excited to enter the social media space. This is an opportunity to communicate with existing and prospective clients and business equipment supplier on a range of topics relevant to finance. This post is in relation to Trusts; not just the trust desired in order to do business, but the legal entity that many small to medium enterprises (SME) have chosen to include in their business structure.
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